Anyone can create a beautiful and productive edible garden in containers.

I can show you how,

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My new book: The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening

Drawing on over ten years experience of growing and running workshops.


  • My eight steps to container growing success.
  • How to grow more food in a small space.
  • Ways to overcome the challenges of growing in the city.
  • How growing can contribute to your wellbeing, community and city.

Work with me

I love sharing my experience of container growing with both beginners and more experienced gardeners. I offer workshops (in person and online) and talks to gardening clubs, community growing projects, botanical gardens, companies, and at events, both small and large.

I also write articles, and give interviews on radio, tv and for podcasts and webinars.

“I felt very happy when I saw your page and leaflet because it was all info i ever needed explained clear, short and inspiring. Love it!
I started to grow veg on balcony this spring. It started from curiosity – let’s see what we can grow, and ended as source of joy and healthy herbs and vegetables.”
Pavla Pankrak, Zagreb, Croatia


My name is Mark Ridsdill Smith, aka “The Vertical Veg Man“.

Unable to get an allotment, I was surprised to discover I could grow a LOT of food on a balcony. I found I loved growing - and we started to eat better, feel more part of our community, and cut our food waste. It changed our life.

I started Vertical Veg to help others who don’t have a garden experience the joy and spinoff benefits of growing veg, herbs & fruit in containers at home. 

I believe that growing at home can reconnect us with our food, nature, bring life to our cities, and help change the way we live. 

“I was gradually drifting into a very boring old age  when I found your blog on growing pea shoots. Having joined Vertical Veg I can honestly say it has changed my life. Apart from improving my computer skills, I have made new friends, learned about vegetables I had never heard of and started growing some of them.  Suddenly I have a new life! I hope others will see that Vertical Veg is not just for the young!”

Valerie Fairbank


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