Podcast: Wormeries in Small Spaces


With world worm expert, Rhonda Sherman.

In this podcast, Rhonda shares her experience and tips on running wormeries in small spaces, including:

  • Why worm compost is a brilliant fertiliser for container plants.
  • The common pitfalls of setting up a wormery, including overfeeding.
  • What to feed worms – and what to avoid.

See below for more info and resources on wormeries.

Further Resources

Homemade worm bins. Easy and low cost to make.
Homemade worm bins. Easy and low cost to make.
A wheelie bin wormery made by The Urban Worm
A wooden bench wormery made by Bubble House Worms.
A wooden bench wormery made by Bubble House Worms.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Wormeries in Small Spaces”

  1. Worm treats! Laughing at myself! The resources on Rhonda’s site are brilliant, and there is information for schools.

  2. Great podcast, thanks Mark – lots of things for me to apply to my wormery, especially good to know about the worm liquid issue.

    I thought I would mention that the reason I was on the look out for a wormery is that I read Dave Goulson’s delightful book The Garden Jungle in which he dedicates a chapter on worms. I found it fascinating – hence when a wormery came up on Freecycle I jumped at the chance to have a go.

    Dave mentions in the book the recently founded organisation, The Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) which is headed up by Emma Sherlock, earthworm specialist at the Natural History Museum London. It costs £5 to join and the form is here: https://www.earthwormsoc.org.uk/join

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