How much food can you grow in a Small Space?

To highlight how much food it’s possible to grow in a small space, I’ve weighed the harvests and calculated their value – first from my balcony in London and then my back yard in Newcastle.

The London Balcony

In London I had a 9 foot x 6 foot north-west facing foot balcony, 5 south facing window sills, 3 north facing window sills, and a small patch of concrete outside the front door.

On 1 May 2010 I started weighing the harvests.

After one year, the total value grown was £899.99 ($1,480), weighing 83.66 Kg

A summary of everything I grew (including 144 packs of salad and 113 punnets tomatoes) can be seen here. Details of the harvests, month by month can be seen here.

The Newcastle Backyard

When I moved to Newcastle, I repeated the experiment in the backyard of the house we were renting.

After six months, the total value grown was £548 ($879), weighing 53.6 kg (118 lbs).

See what I grew here.

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