Month by month: what you can grow in a concrete backyard

Transforming concrete into edible food. Many of the plants are on ladders to get more light - and to fit more in!
Transforming concrete into edible food. Many of the plants are on ladders to get more light – and to fit more in!


Want to know more about how much food you can actually get to eat if you grow in containers?

Below you can see everything that we harvested (and ate!) every day from our concrete backyard from 1 May – 31 October 2013.

As you’ll see from this graph, the best harvests were in July, August and September when we were pretty much self sufficient in vegetables (apart from potatoes). Scroll down to these months to see what we were eating.

How much you can harvest from containers month by month.


1 – 5 May

Wednesday 22g salad
Thursday     26g sunflower shoots, 30g salad leaves, 4g mint, 6g chives, 72g rhubarb.
Saturday      56g salad, 76g pea shoots, 5g chives, 4g mint.
Sunday        39g sunflower shoots, 19g pea shoots, 49g mustard red giant, 8g mint.

6 – 12 May

Monday       29g mustard red giant, 12g pea shoots, 20g rocket, 21g sunflower shoots.
Tuesday       69g salad
Wednesday 26g pea shoots, 37g asparagus kale, 11g mint, 3g rosemary.
Thursday     95g salad, 21g sunflower shoots, 2g mint
Friday          45g red giant, 92g salad
Sunday        125g choy sum, 15g pak choi

13 – 19 May

Monday       46g Asparagus kale, 21g pea shoots, 7g mint, 56g salad, 4g chives.
Tuesday       69g choy sum, 61g salad, 10g mint
Wednesday 64g salad, 5g mint
Thursday     72g salad
Saturday      38g salad, 9g mint, 60g tatsoi
Sunday        126g salad, 56g asparagus kale, 11g mint, 195g choy sum, 105g tatsoi.

20 – 26 May

Monday       22g salad, 40g sunflower shoots, 5g coriander, 6g chives
Tuesday       61g salad, 15g sunflower shoots, 21g pea shoots, 3g coriander, 4g mint.
Wednesday 9g pea shoots, 2g coriander, 11g mint.
Thursday     45g tatsoi, 178g salad (including salad bag as gift), 17g mint, 7g chives, 90g red giant mustard.
Friday          14g mint, 2g rosemary, 2g sage, 2g thyme.
Sunday        63g sunflower shoots, 63g salad, 13g pea shoots, 16g chives, 5g mint.

27 May – 2 June

Monday       36g sunflower shoots, 24g salad, 5g mint
Tuesday       343g rhubarb, 15g chives, 3g tarragon.
Wednesday 82g salad, 247g tatsoi, 24g pea shoots.
Thursday     49g pea shoots, 20g sunflower shoots, 46g salad leaves, 12g mint, 6g radish.


3 – 9 June

Monday       90g tatsoi, 4g mint, 59g salad, 77g radish.
Tuesday       22g salad, 172g tatsoi, 105g radish.
Wednesday 52g salad, 19g chives, 2g mint.
Thursday     23g salad leaves, 70g radish, 13g mint.
Friday          109g cavelo nero, 19g mint, 13g pea shoots, 85g radish, 26g salad.
Saturday      20g pea and bean shoots, 9g salad leaves, 118g red giant mustard.
Sunday        17g mint, 66g salad.

10 – 16 June

Monday       5g mint, 82g salad.
Wednesday 94g salad, 43g sunflower shoots, 99g red giant.
Thursday     179g sunflower shoots, 152g mint (lots of mint tea!), 79g salad.
Sunday        86g salad, 100g chard.

17 – 23 June

Monday       86g salad, 88g pak choi, 11g dill
Tuesday       9g sage, 26g salad, 5g chives, 561g rhubarb.
Wednesday 93g salad
Friday          138g Russian kale, 6g chives, 73g salad.
Saturday      118g komatsuna, 75g pea shoots, 74g salad, 95g baby turnips, 8g dill, 12g chives, 6g mint, 2g lovage, 2g thyme.
Sunday        148g chard, 2g tarragon, 19g dill, 2g parsley, 14g mint, 67g pak choi.

24 – 30 June

Monday       127g swiss chard, 8g marjoram, 4g coriander, 7g mint.
Tuesday       47g pea shoots, 126g Chinese cabbage, 264g salad.
Wednesday 20g salad, 157g courgette.
Thursday     23g salad, 76g snap peas, 3g mint, 9g dill.
Friday          192g turnip, 52g salad.
Saturday      121g snap peas, 117g pak choi, 11g coriander.
Sunday        2g marjoram, 108g salad, 49g snap peas, 7g mint, 110g Chinese lettuce, 527g potatoes, 3g dill.


July 1 – 7

Monday: 45g strawberries, 44g shingiko, 3 oregano
Tuesday: 200g courgettes, 28g snap peas, 13g coriander
Wednesday: 1.079 kg potatoes, 65g snap peas, 7g coriander, 66g salad
Thursday: 86g mustard red giant, 62g salad, 11g mint, 68g salad, 13g snap peas
Friday: 1g bay leaves, 66g sunflower shoots, 16g coriander, 3g mint, 7g chives, 76g snap peas.
Saturday: 195g turnip greens, 33g strawberries, 139g salad, 69g sunflower shoots.
Sunday:  8g oregano, 47g strawberrries, 183g chard, 194g courgette, 10g coriander, 272g sunflower shoots, 73g salad.

July 8 – 14

Monday: 47g salad, 8g sage, 185g snap peas, 5g thyme, 5g lovage, 2g bay, 5g parsley, 24g edible flowers, 39g kale, 66g strawberries, 69g courgettes.
Tuesday: 23g salad, 13g mint, 117g broad beans, 200g snap peas, 16g strawberrries.
Wednesday: 56g strawberries, 112g kale, 29g snap peas.
Thursday: 195g courgettes, 166g broad beans, 25g courgette flowers, 6og strawberries, 7g mint, 129g chard.
Friday: 281g snap peas, 23g tomatoes, 61g courgettes, 21g courgette flowers, 69g salad, 104g strawberries.

July 15 – 21

Monday:  506g courgettes
Tuesday: 180g snap peas, 74g salad, 190g ful medames, 1g lemon verbena, 3g oregano, 4g chives, 2g mint, 175g strawberries, 59g raspberries, 2g parsley.
Wednesday: 55g squash, 110g salad, 18g mint, 560g broad beans, 50g snap peas, 97g chard.
Thursday: 34g tromboncino, 45g courgette, 115g sugar peas, 5g oregano, 63g tomatoes, 173g strawberries, 60g raspberries.
Friday:  335g snap peas, 382g broad beans, 33g courgette, 174g strawberries, 80g salad, 5g lovage, 3g sage, 2g rosemary, 13g mint, 3g dill, 6g chives, 60g raspberries.
Saturday: 7g blackberries, 28g raspberries.
Sunday: 476g snap peas, 47g tromboncino, 76g courgettes, 5g mint, 6g chives, 62g salad, 23g raspberry, 44g spring onion, 48g kale, 53g chard, 97g strawberries

July 22 – 28

Monday: 1.14kg potatoes, 167g salad, 4g oregano, 5g chives, 5g mint.
Tueseday: 60g chard, 138g salad, 100g nasturtium seeds, 7g sage, 103g courgettes, 31g carrots, 33g tromboncino, 40g strawberries,                             31g spring onions.
Wednesday: 41g raspberrries, 2g lemon verbena, 3g sage, 2g savory, 40g blackberries, 48g tomatoes, 4g oregano.
Thursday: 111g strawberries, 81g tromboncino, 1g lemon verbena, 22g salad, 36g blackberries, 37g chard, 80 courgettes.
Saturday: 50g courgettes, 25g strawberries, 5g thyme.
Sunday: 20g salad, 30g blackberries, 35g raspberries, 132g courgettes, 25g strawberries.

July 29 – August 4

Monday: 5g chives, 107g tomato, 4g oregano, 2g dill
Wednesday: 49g strawberries, 51g blackberries
Thursday: 15g strawberries, 112g blackberries, 18g raspberries.
Friday: 219g courgettes, 29g blackberries, 13g raspberries, 5g strawberries, 10g tomatoes, 318g rhubarb.
Sunday: 20g strawberries, 268g courgettes, 146g runner beans, 389g rhubarb.


August 5 – 11

Tuesday: 36g tomatoes
Wednesday: 59g blackberries, 150g rhubarb, 147g runner beans.
Friday: 1300g courgettes, 800g tromboncino, 161g runner bean, 137 courgettes, 26g tomatoes, 10g raspberries.
Saturday: 114g tomatoes, 20g blacberries.
Sunday: 87g courgettes, 231g runner beans, 380g tomatoes, 300g rhubarb

August 12 – 18

Monday: 29g runner beans
Tuesday: 55g salad, 3g mint, 5g chives, 62g blackberries, 281g runner beans, 2g chamomile.
Wednesday: 205g tomatillo, 179g cucumber, 5g lemon verbena, 183g French beans, 213g chard, 224g tomatoes, 115g sorrel.
Thursday:  213g tromboncino, 6g mint.
Friday: 18g chamomile, 4g tarragon, 98g salad, 45g tomatoes.
Saturday: 107g tomatoes, 180g French beans, 2g rosemary, 39g sorrel, 7g mint, 8g chives, 13g oregano, 209g tromboncino, 67g salad.
Sunday: 92g tomaotes, 10g nasturtium seeds, 18g strawberries, 47g runner beans, 174g French beans, 28g blackberries, 9g basil, 86g courgettes.

August 19 – 25

Monday: 16g salad, 112g cucumbers, 112g tomatoes, 6g basil, 22g spring onions, 2g bay.
Tuesday: 13g sage, 180g tomatoes, 3g tarragon, 5g oregano.
Wednesday: 342g tomatoes, 218g French beans, 104g aubergines, 31g salad, 10g chilli, 21g runner beans.
Thursday: 32g strawberries, 10g blackberries, 16g courgette flowers, 30g mint, 4g oregano, 2g lemon verbena, 252g tomatoes, 5g basil, 93g pak choi.
Saturday: 5g mint, 150g tomatoes, 25g salad leaves, 10g strawberries.
Sunday: 2g mint, 78g tomatoes, 5g verbena.

August 26 – September 1

Monday: 26g French beans, 2g mint, 2g thyme, 10g blackberries.
Tuesday: 96g tomatoes, 120g rhubarb.
Wednesday: 18g strawberries, 5g oregano, 10g salad leaves, 198g tomatoes, 2g chamomile.
Thursday: 130g cucumber, 150g courgettes.
Friday: 100g cucumber, 92g tomatoes, 150g runner beans, 104g aubergines, 25g salad, 17g chives.
Saturday: 270g tomatoes.
Sunday: 1.128kg tomatoes, 153g courgettes, 107g runner beans, 218g French beans, 5g chilli, 6g oregano, 16g blackberries.


September 2 – 8

Monday: 236g sunflower shoots, 42g salad, 48g runner beans, 178g tomatillo, 61g aubergine, 5g lovage, 4g sage, 5g basil, 6g chilli, 97g cucumber.
Tuesday: 560g tomatoes, 10g blackberries, 25g strawberries.
Wednesday: 288g aubergines, 35g chamomile flowers, 253g tomatoes, 41g spring onions, 71g salad, 46g French beans, 4g mint, 44g chard, 9g chillies.
Thursday: 26g salad, 2g lemon verbena, 375g courgettes, 389g runner beans, 317g tomatoes, 12 strawberries, 3g coriander seed, 17g snap peas, 11g chilli, 33g chard, 3g tarragon.
Friday: 6g thyme, 10g lovage, 2g bay, 6g rosemary.
Saturday: 213g sorrel, 3g sage, 831g tomatoes, 63g salad, 9g chives.
Sunday: 38g salad, 143g pak choi.

September 9 – 15

Monday: 143g aubergines, 3g rosemary, 219g tomatoes, 4g chilli.
Tuesday: 7g sage, 3g chilli, 20g snap peas, 38g strawberries, 22g blackberries.
Wednesday: 707g tomatoes, 49g salad, 5g lovage, 3g mint, 5g chilli.
Thursday: 51g salad, 319g tomatoes, 344g runner beans, 59g strawberries, 26g chamomile, 8g basil, 4g chilli.
Friday: 2g lemon verbena, 7g lovage.
Sunday: 316g tomatoes.

September 16 – 22

Monday: 2g lemon verbena, 7g lovage, 3g savory, 9g chillies, 106g tomatoes, 186g chard.
Tuesday: 51g salad, 330g cucumbers, 249g tomatillos, 58g tatsoi, 5g chilli, 2g mint.
Wednesday: 14g basil, 47g tomatoes, 6g chilli, 26g peas.
Thursday: 11g chives, 142g aubergine, 241g tomatoes, 73g salad, 7g basil.
Friday: 20g salad, 450g courgettes, 5g mint.
Saturday: 33g salad, 462g tomatoes, 151g runner beans, 140g cucumber.
Sunday: 24g salad, 72g tatsoi, 5g chilli.

September 23 – 29

Monday: 1.864 kg tomatoes, 60g strawberries, 79g cucumber, 2g basil, 9g oregano.
Tuesday: 12g chives, 5g mint, 143g tomatoes, 3g basil, 11g pea shoots, 9g sunflower shoots.
Wednesday: 109g cucumber, 194g runner beans.
Thursday: 125g courgettes, 46g sunflower shoots, 82g strawberries, 220g tomatoes, 3g mint.
Friday: 142g sorrel, 6g chives, 46g broad beans, 562g tomatoes, 6g chilli, 187g pea shoots.
Saturday: 94g tomatoes, 24g snap peas, 39g pea shoots, 18g chamomile.
Sunday: 1.39kg tromboncino, 1.917kg tomatoes, 736g tomatillo, 171g chard, 61g runner beans, 90g cucumber, 37g pea shoots, 13g chilli.


September 30 – October 6

Tuesday: 477g tomatoes
Wednesday: 68g cucumber, 12g mint
Thursday: 10g chilli, 9g basil, 6g lovage, 4g savoury, 78g strawberries, 2g chilli.
Friday: 5g chilli
Saturday: 565g tomatoes
Sunday: 174g cucumber, 241g tomatoes, 60g choy sum, 47g pea shoots, 9g chilli.

October 7 – 13

Monday: 33g salad, 5g oregano, 40g courgette, 9g chilli.
Tuesday: 1.183 kg tomatoes, 28g pea shoots.
Wednesday: 4g rosemary
Thursday: 15g chilli, 61g pea shoots, 4g tarragon.
Friday: 62g salad, 87g cucumber, 836g tomatoes, 2g lemon verbena.
Saturday: 1.440kg tomatoes
Sunday: 6g chillies, 55g salad

October 14 – 20

Monday: 5g chillies
Friday: 3g thyme, 3g mint
Saturday: 80g sunflower shoots, 46g salad, 540g tomatoes, 4g oregano.
Sunday: 122g cherry tomatoes, 3g tarragon, 9g chilli, 38g chamomile.

October 21 – 27

Monday: 4g chives, 33g salad leaves, 62g sunflower shoots, 63g cucumber, 2g mint.
Tuesday: 6 chilli
Wednesday: 38g salad, 507g tomatoes
Thursday: 3g lemon verbena
Friday: 72g sorrel, 3g lovage, 13g salad
Saturday: 59g salad, 6g sage
Sunday: 1.108kg tomatoes, 12g chilli, 2g rosemary

October 28 – 31

Monday: 28g salad, 2g savoury
Tuesday: 7g lovage, 5g thyme, 1g bay
Thursday: 146g tomatoes, 28g salad



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