October 2011

Total October harvest = £49.33 /8.06 kg  (2010 = £126 /11.6kg)

Full details of weekly harvests at bottom of page.

Week 23:  October 2 – 8

Total for week = £13.76 / 2.75 kg (2010:  £38.2 /3.13kg) 

Here’ a picture of my growing diary for the week. Just realised that I’ve never posted a picture of it. I use it to record all the harvests, then transfer the info to an Excel spreadsheet to add up all the totals. Not the neatest diary, as you can see – but it sort of works!


My growing diary - complete with ink smudges and messy writing!
Growing diary used to record harvests - I kept this by the weighing scales in the kitchen


And here’s a bowl of vegetables that starred on TV! Vertical Veg was invited to appear briefly on Alan Titchmarsh’s afternoon ITV show – and I harvested these in the morning to show his viewers would could be grown on just a few windowsills. The prickly looking things are Fat Baby Achocha.

Week 24:  October 9 – 15

Total for week = £17.22 /2.43 kg (2010:  £34.72 /3.44kg) 

The last few tomatoes of the year are particularly precious. Here’s a line up of different varieties in the kitchen – all grown on just four window sills.

Variety of home grown tomatoes
Selection of tomatoes from the south facing window sills



Week 25:  October 16 – 22

Total for week = £8.91 / 1.41kg (2010:  £31.64 /3.16kg) 

Noticeable drop in harvests this week – mostly because we’re redecorating the front of the house (ready for our move) and the growing boxes there have been dismantled. A sad moment. I try to console myself with the fact that harvests would be dropping anyway now.


Week 26:  October 23 – 29

Total for week = £9.44 / 1.47kg (2010:  £22.03 /1.84kg)

The last Round Iranian Chillies are harvested – these will be dried for use during the winter. We also eat some beautiful looking cavelo nero. Another year I would have saved the cavelo nero for later in the winter, early spring (it’s very hardy). But as we are moving, we dive into it now!

Last chilli and pepper harvest: the chillies will be dried for use over winter.

Harvest Details October 2011

Week 23:  October 2 – 8

See diary picture above

Total for week = £13.76 / 2.75 kg

Week 24 October 9 – 15

Growing diary october 9 - 15
Week 24












Total for week = £17.22 /2.43 kg

Week 25:  October 16 – 22











Total for week = £8.91 / 1.41k

Week 26:  October 23 – 29 

October 23 harvests












Total for week = £9.44 / 1.47kg

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