September 2010

Full details of weekly harvests at bottom of page

Week 22:  September 25 – October 1

Total for week = £31.47 /2.81kg

The harvests are starting to slow as the weather cools and sunlight hours diminish – but still providing most of our salads and veg. Below is Saturday’s harvest – all roasted (apart from the letuce!)  in the oven: exquisite.


Early autumn harvest © Vertical Veg 2010

Week 21:  September 18 – 24

Total for week = £34.95 /3.46kg

More work to get the balcony ready for winter this week. Now’s the time to get  your kale and chard well established to ensure a good crop over winter – like this bright lights chard:


Bright lights chard - a beautiful winter vegetable & tastes great, too! © Vertical Veg 2010

Week 20:  September 11 – 17

Total for week = £44.94 /7.01kg

A second squash is harvested, boosting this week’s yield by a couple of kilos. Three small and delicious aubergines, too. The runner beans and tomatoes are still doing nicely.

'Tiny Tim' tomatoes finally ripen; pepper fruiting too - but a bit crowded out to flourish © Vertical Veg 2010

Week 19:  September 4 – 10

Total for week = £50.04 /5.04kg

This weeks harvest brings the grand total to £520.02! The £500 target is reached. I am both excited and genuinely surprised to have reached it as early as September.  I imagined that I”d be desperately  nurturing salads through the winter.  Definitely lucky with the tomatoes – if they’d got blight then the target would still be a good way off.

The excitement and satisifaction is mixed with the sad feeling you get on reaching a goal… What next? I need to concoct a plan… watch this space!

More fat and juicy tomatoes (not to mention the bushy eyebrows - must be all the worm compost I'm eating!) © Vertical Veg 2010
Herbs, chillis, aubergine on 1st floor, tomatoes on 2nd © Vertical Veg 2010

Week 18: August 28 – September 3

Total for week = £72.62 / 8.14 kg

The welcome late summer sun has helped the tomatoes to ripen – about 4kgs in total this week, with still quite a few more to come. The cost of Ocado’s organic tomatoes (even at this time of year) has boosted the value of this week’s harvest to a new high of over £70.

The runner beans in the self watering container continue to be prolific. Over a kilo in the week – although harvesting can be bit of vertical adventure:  –

Picking runner beans from a ladder in the downstairs neighbour's garden © Vertical Veg 2010

We also harvested the first two aubergines this week – small, but shiny and delicious.

The sweetcorn crop is almost a total disappointment. The corns are small and only about half the seeds swelled to full size (problems with pollination?). On top of that, I picked them too late so they are tough and pretty tasteless. More learning for next year. At least they looked great as part of the three sisters and the beans in the same pot have produced well.

Very disappointing sweetcorn - a couple of cobs were better than this but not much! © Vertical Veg 2010

Meanwhile, the squash continues to grow happily:

Squash continues to grow - second big fruit on its way © Vertical Veg 2010

Harvest Details for September 2010

Week 18:   August 28 – September 3

Saturday: 616g large tomatoes, 59g salad leaves, 6g rosemary, 131g stir fry greens
Sunday: 26g chillis, 399g large tomatoes, 56g mixed herbs (present), 36g chives, 314g cherry tomatoes
Monday: 944g runner beans, 394g large tomatoes, 1419g green tomatoes (for chutney), 12g savory
Tuesday: 1035g large tomatoes, 209g cherry tomatoes, 296g sweetcorn, 126g French beans, 31g basil.
Wednesday: 128g aubergine, 118g runner beans, 42g salad, 231g cherry tomatoes, 8g chillies.
Thursday: 470g large tomatoes
Friday: 424g large tomatoes, 120g runner beans, 187g fat baby achocha, 42g bean and sunflower shoots, 23g basil, 26g Vietnamese coriander, 8g perilla

Total for week = 8.14kg; value = £72.62
Total since 1 May = 44.81 kg; total value = £469.98

Week 19:    September 4 – 10

Saturday: 292g courgettes, 1020g large tomatoes, 42g salad, 76g cherry tomatoes.
Sunday: 126g French beans, 682g cherry tomatoes, 32g basil, 347g runner beans.
Monday: 139g Chinese cabbage, 48g salad, 5g Thai basil, 9g lemon grass
Tuesday: 261g cherry tomatoes, 38g bean shoots, 50g mitsubal and perilla, 24g chillies, 116 courgettes, 84g Achocha, 129g salad.
Wednesday: 319g cherry tomatoes
Thursday: 614g large tomatoes, 240g runner beans, 66g French beans, 69g salad.

Total for week = 5.04kg; value = £50.04
Total since 1 May = 49.85 kg; total value = £520.02

Week 20:  September 11 – 17

Sunday: 2670g squash, 360g courgette, 24g bean shoots, 56g salad, 139g cherry tomatoes
Monday: 177g cherry tomatoes, 354g runner beans, 97g salad, 30g basil.
Tuesday: 275g aubergine, 835g cherry tomatoes, 188g large toms, 102g salad, 6g each of tarragon, chives, basil, parsley.
Wednesday: 716g large tomatoes, 16 parsley, 15g basil
Thursday: 463g runner beans, 353g courgettes, 41g chinese cabbage

Total for week = 7.01kg; value = £44.94
Total since 1 May = 56.86 kg; total value = £564.96

Week 21:  September 28 – 24

Saturday: 27g large tomatoes
Sunday: 155g cherry tomatoes
Monday: 525g large tomatoes, 241g runner beans, 30 basil
Tuesday: 103g runner beans, 326g cherry tomatoes, 443g large tomatoes, 16g basil.
Wednesday: 16g Vietnamese coriander, 8g chilli
Thursday: 619g cherry tomatoes, 508g large tomatoes, 170g salad, 20g parsley, 12g chilli

Total for week = 3.46 kg; value = £34.95
Total since 1 May = 60.33 kg; total value = £599.91

Week 22:  September 25 – October 1

Saturday: 501g large tomatoes, 234g runner beans, 179g French beans, 281g courgette, 89g salad, 12g chilli, 16g sage
Sunday: 86g cherry tomatoes, 89g large tomatoes, 65g runner beans, 23g chilli, 34g purple basil
Tuesday: 76g salad, 157g cherry tomatoes, 156g large tomatoes, 8g chilli, 7g tarragon, 12g parsley.
Wednesday: 8g chilli, 10g Vietnamese coriander
Thursday: 161g salad, 9g Vietnamese coriander
Friday: 522g large tomatoes, 7g chives, 48g salad, 24g sunflower shoots.

Total for week = 2.81kg; value = £31.47
Total since 1 May = 63.14 kg; total value = £631.38

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