June 2010

Full details of weekly harvests at bottom of page

Week 5: 29 May – 4 June

Total for week = £14.47 / 745g

Long warm days and the salads are looking healthy and growing fast. Peas, potatoes, etc also growing well – but still a few more weeks before they’ll be ready to eat.

Salad box in evening light - red orache, cos and simpson lettuce © Vertical Veg

Week 6:  June 5 – 11

Total for week = £21.02 / 980g

A whisker off a kilo of produce this week. Now growing enough salad to  give ocassional bags away to friends and neighbours – two this week.

Bright lights chard - delicious freshly picked! © Vertical Veg

Week 7:  June 12 – 18

Total for week = £22.75 / 1.2kg

Three exciting developments this week.  First, it’s great to be harvesting something other than salads  – mange tout – only 15g mind you, but more soon. Second, the first week this year that I’ve harvested over a kilo of food! And third, over £100 of produce harvested since 1 May!

'Bijou' giant mange tout pea flower © Vertical Veg
'Golden sweet' yellow podded mange tout - ready to eat! © Vertical Veg

Week 8:  June 19 – 25

Total for week = £18.03 / 870g

Enjoying fresh salads and loving the mange tout this week.

Mixed salad leaves in a self watering container © Vertical Veg


Salad and herbs on north facing window sill © Vertical Veg

Week 9:  June 26 – July 2

Total for week = £27.23 / 2.03kg

Everything is growing like triffids! Harvested over 2kg – for the first time – this week. Picked and straight to the plate. Delicious.

Dull north facing balcony transformed into green jungle © Vertical Veg
Tall, flowering dill in front window box © Vertical Veg

Harvest Details for June 2010

Week 5: 29 May – 4 June

Monday: 60g salad
Tuesday: 70g salad, 10g dill
Wednesday: 40g stir fry greens, 145g salad, 10g coriander
Thursday: 70g stir fry greens, 60g salad, 40g radish, 50g mint
Friday: 110g salad, 20g coriander, 30g radish, 15g parsley, 20g dill, 10g thyme.

Total for week: 745 g; value  = £14.47

Total since 1 May = 2.75kg;  total value = £55.78

Week 6:  June 5 – 11

Saturday: 100g baby bright light chard, 30g salad, 10g dill, 10g parsley
Sunday: 110g salad, 10g coriander, 15g Vietnamese coriander.
Monday: 60g salad
Tuesday: 105g salad
Wednesday: 45g salad, 10 dill
Thursday: 280g salad, 10g salad
Friday: 45g pea shoots, 10g thyme, 20g rosemary, 50g stir fry greens, 45g baby pak choi, 10g coriander

Total for week: 980 g; value  = £21.02

Total since 1 May = 3.75 kg;  total value = £76.80

Week 7:  June 12 – 18

Saturday: 195g salad, 30g mint, 20g dill, 10g basil, 20g pea shoot.
Sunday: 185g chard, 60g salad, 5g basil, 10g thyme
Monday: 40g salad, 45g tree spinach, 25g dill, 25g pea shoots, 10g mint, 10g parsley.
Tuesday: 10g coriander
Wednesday: 125g salad, 25g pea shoots, 15g Vietnamese coriander, 15g mange tout, 20g stir fry greens.
Thursday: 15g thyme, 70g salad, 20g pea shoots, 5g mint
Friday: 180g salad

Total for week: 1.2 kg; value  = £22.75

Total since 1 May = 4.87kg;  total value  = £100.23

Week 8:  June 19 – 25

Saturday: 60g salad, 10 chives, 20g pea shoots, 7g tarragon, 25g dill, 15g rosemary
Sunday: 110g salad
Monday: 70g salad, 10g Vietnamese coriander, 5g thyme, 70 mange tout
Tuesday: 10g pea shoots, 95g salad
Wednesday: 30g basil, 10g lemon balm, 80g salad, 95g mange tout, 5g Vietnamese coriander, 5g coriander.
Thursday: 50g salad
Friday: 80g salad, 5g mint

Total for week: 0.87 kg; value  = £18.03

Total since 1 May = 5.77kg;  total value  = £118.52

Week 9:  June 26 – July 2

Saturday: 60g salad, 85g mange tout, 30g mint, 5g sage, 5g thyme
Sunday: 50g giant mange tout, 95g stir fry greens, 60g salad, 5g coriander
Monday: 70g mange tout, 130g salad, 25g pea shoots, 5g mint.
Tuesday: 15g pea shoots, 195g stir fry, 105g salad, 10g Vietnamese coriander.
Wednesday: 140 g salad, 160g mange tout, 225g potatoes, 10g chives
Thursday: 90g salad, 10g basil
Friday: 90g mange tout, 145g salad, 5g marjoram, 5g rosemary, 10g basil, 190g stir fry.

Total for week: 2.03 kg; value = £27.23

Total since 1 May = 7.80kg;  total value  = £145.75

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