July 2010


Full details of weekly harvests at bottom of page.

Week 9:  June 26 – July 2

Total for week:= £27.23

Everything is growing like triffids! Harvested over 2kg – for the first time – this week . Picked and straight to the plate. Delicious.

Delights this week include salad, mange tout, stir fry, herbs AND the first potatoes of the year!

Everything's going bonkers: tomatoes (top), dill and other herbs below © Vertical Veg

Week 10:  July 3 – 9

Total for week = £34.61

Another record harvest this week, nearly 3 kilos! Harvested the rest of the potatoes – exquisitely delicious but a little dissapointing in quantity – 1kg in total from a huge container. I don’t seem to have the knack of getting high potatoe yields from containers… any tips? 

Masses of salad this week (over a kilo) because I cleared out and replanted a big salad box. Lots of salad bags to give away. Great!

Courgette flowers... (plus, I've just noticed, a caterpillar eating its lunch!) © Vertical Veg
Potato harvest - one kg from a huge container. Delicious but it must be possible to get a higher yield?

Week 11:  July 10 – 16

Total for week = £19.24

Salads are still intriguing and invigorationg – missed their crunch and vibrant  flavours while away for a long weekend. Shop bought salad seems dull and insipid in comparison. First blueberries this week – plants still establishing so only a few, but firm and delicious…  promise for the future. Also harvested the first decent sized courgettes and runner beans.

Yields lower this week – in part because not at home much.

Invigorating summer salad: nasturtium, amaranth, mizuna, mibuna, rocket etc © Vertical Veg
Ripening blueberries
Three Sisters: sweetcorn, beans and squash growing together in large pot outside front door

Week 12:  July 17 – 23

Total for week: = £24.94

Last week before we go on holiday for two and a half weeks.  Really looking forward to going away – but sad to leave plants in their prime. Friend, Lu, is house sitting & will water while we’re away, helping herself to food (and, she promises, weighing it too). Leaving long and complicated instructions on watering and picking –  realise it’s a lot to ask….

The one courgett plant is well estabilished and producing a good sized fruit every other day or so. Salad and stir fry greens continue to thrive in warm weather.

Bright, cheerful runner beans - you can see why they were first grown as ornamentals © Vertical Veg
Cherry bush tomatoes growing in an Earthbox - ready in a week or two, hopefully

Week 13:  July 24 – 30

Total for week = £5.48

Lu grazes while we’re away – but too busy working and watering to pick large quantities. While watering she chats to some distant neighbours who admire the pumpkin and comment that they like eating the leaves… This is a first for me – I’ve never heard of eating pumpking leaves… anyone?

Total since 1 May = 13.78kg;  total value (based on Ocado prices) = £229.33

Sprawling hubbard pumpkin - with edible (?) leaves

Week 14:  July 30 – August 6

Second week of our holidays.. Lu’s comment in the growing diary for Tuesday 3 reads: ‘The builders opposite greatly interested in the squash. They’re monitoring its progress closely!’

Sunday:  315g climbing beans, 10g basil, 27g blueberries.
Monday: 190g runner beans, 113g salad, 8g mint, 7g basil.
Friday: 239g salad, 70g runner beans, 42g mint

Total for week: 1.03 kg; value (based on Ocado prices) = £14.40

Total since 1 May = 14.4kg;  total value (based on Ocado prices) = £238.25

Big hubbard squash on street wall attracts curious looks... © Verticl Veg

Squash tendrills start invading neighbour's territory © Vertical Veg

Harvest Details for July 2010

Week 9:  June 26 – July 2

Saturday: 60g salad, 85g mange tout, 30g mint, 5g sage, 5g thyme
Sunday: 50g giant mange tout, 95g stir fry greens, 60g salad, 5g coriander
Monday: 70g mange tout, 130g salad, 25g pea shoots, 5g mint.
Tuesday: 15g pea shoots, 195g stir fry, 105g salad, 10g Vietnamese coriander.
Wednesday: 140 g salad, 160g mange tout, 225g potatoes, 10g chives
Thursday: 90g salad, 10g basil
Friday: 90g mange tout, 145g salad, 5g marjoram, 5g rosemary, 10g basil, 190g stir fry.

Total for week: 2.03 kg; value  = £27.23

Total since 1 May = 7.80kg; total value = £143.75

Week 10:  July 3 – 9

Saturday: 100g salad, 90g stir fry leaves, 5g tarragon, 7g chives, 3g parsley, 5g coriander.
Monday: 125g salad, 40g tree spinach, 40g mange tout, 5g rosemary
Tuesday: 960g potatoes, 80g mange tout, 65g salad, 35g baby courgettes, 5g tarragon, 15g mint, 5g chives
Wednesday: 245g salad, 160g stir fry greens
Thursday: 300g salad, 140g chinese broccoli, 45g basil.
Friday: 360g salad

Total for week: 2.84 kg; value = £34.61

Total since 1 May = 10.6kg; total value = £180.36

Week 11:  July 10 – 16

Saturday and Sunday: away
Monday: 100g courgette, 45g salad, 40g stir fry greens, 30 sunflower shoots, 35g mange tout.
Wednesday: 190g salad, 125 g courgettes, 45g mint & 35g lemon balm (for tea), 25g blueberries, 10g carrot.
Thursday: 105 g courgettes, 65 g pak choi, 40 broad bean shoots, 40g runner bean, 50g carrot, 10 g coriander, 5 g viet corriander, 7g blueberries.
Friday: 85g salad, 65g tree spinach, 25g broad bean shoots, 20g mange tout, 5g tarragon, 8g mint, 5g blueberry.

Total for week: 1.22 kg; value  = £19.24

Total since 1 May = 11.9kg; total value = £198.91

Week 12:  July 17 – 23

Saturday: 145g salad, 15g basil, 45g mixed herb bouquet (a present), 5g blueberry
Sunday: 225g salad, 11g dill, 9g mint, 5g basil
Monday: 270g courgette, 45g sald, 55g pak choi, 30g chinese broccoli, 40g runner bean, 20g mint, 15 coriander, 30 blueberry
Tuesday: 110g courgette
Wednesday: 190g salad, 25g blueberries, 65g runner bean, 115g courgette, 20g chives, 10g mint.
Thursday: 105 g courgettes, 65 g pak choi, 40 broad bean shoots, 40g runner bean, 50g carrot, 10 g coriander, 5 g viet corriander, 7g blueberries.
Friday: off on hols!

Total for week: 1.47kg; value = £24.94

Total since 1 May = 13.37kg; total value = £223.85

Week 13:  July 24 – 30

Sunday: 45g runner bean, 149g salad, 18g basil, 192g runner bean
Thursday: 9g blueberries

Total for week = 0.41kg; value = £5.48

Total since 1 May = 13.7kg; total value = £229.33

2 thoughts on “July 2010”

  1. Hi, i can see that you have several tomato plants on one container. in your estimates, how many are that?what is the ideal maximum of plants that should be in a container? also, how deep really should be for the tomatoe continer/box? i read somewhere that it should be a 5 galoon container?

    1. Hi Maya – tomatoes are hungry and thirsty plants and need more space than many. I was growing two plants in each container this summer – each container being about 70cm long, 30cm wide and 28cm deep, the same size as an Earthbox. Earthbox do a useful list of how many plants to grow in each container here: http://www.earthbox.co.uk/engine/shop/page/What+to+Grow – you can adapt this depending on the size of your pot.
      You can probably space miniature tumbling tomatoes a little closer together but large vining tomatoes really benefit from a good sized container – and one with a water reservoir is even better.

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