January 2011

Full details of weekly harvests at bottom of page

Week 36:   January 1  – 7

Total for week = £2.15 /103g

Just a few pea and bean shoots to start the year. Here’s hoping for warmer weather and faster growing winter salads soon!

Week 37:   January 8 – 14

Total for week = £3.48 /175g

Harvested 79g sorrel on Friday – just enough to make a sorrel sauce to chirp up our salmon for supper. Also a few prized salad leaves that are adding flavour and zip to our winter salads. They taste incredibly healthy… I just looked up winter purslane and discovered it IS rich in vitamin C and lots of other goodies.

On the subject of winter purslane, I discovered this week that I’ve been up to some accidental guerilla gardening: it’s self seeded in my neighbour’s pots… I wonder if he knows …? What are the ethics around this and who can eat it?

Rogue winter purslane in pots outside my neighbours front door....

Week 38:   January 15 – 21

Total for week = £2.64 /201g

Although pickings remain slim, there is still enough on the balcony for the occasional treat. This week we had a stir fry with balcony grown chinese cabbage leaves and chrysanthemum leaves. A little worried by the amount of slug action on the cabbage leaves (January feels too early for slugs) but  tasty nevertherless. Sage is one of the few herbs that we still have to pick (the others are bay,  rosemary and a little parsley), and we enjoyed some in a stew of winter vegetables from the farmers market.

Week 39:   January 22 – 28

Total for week = £2.59 /239g

The pigeons are being a nuisance again. They’ve eaten several pak choi, rocket and chard plants, almost completely. After nurturing these plants through the winter, this feels particularly frustrating. Netting is on its way!

Chard - comprehensively eaten by pigeons.... We didn't get a leaf!

The chives are just emerging from hibernation, and a few more pea shoots are ready this week. Pea shoots don’t grow  fast at this time of year (even inside) but the taste of fresh peas in January makes the wait worthwhile.

Harvest Details for January 2011

Week 36:   January 1 – 7

Sunday: 36g bean shoots, 67g pea shoots

Total for week = 103g; value = £2.16
Total since 1 May = 76.2 kg; total value = £791.41

Week 37:   January 8 – 14

Sunday: 9g mustard shoots, 21g salad leaves
Wednesday: 25g salad leaves
Friday: 79g sorrel, 31g salad leaves

Total for week = 175g; value = £3.48
Total since 1 May = 76.5 kg; total value = £794.88

Week 38:   January 15 – 21

Sunday: 54g chrysanthemum leaves, 77g Chinese cabbage leaves
Tuesday: 49g salad leaves, 5g rosemary
Friday: 16g sage

Total for week = 201g; value = £2.64
Total since 1 May = 76.7 kg; total value = £797.52

Week 39:   January 22 – 28

Monday: 26g salad leaves, 103g Chinese cabbage, 56g cavelo nero
Friday: 37g salad leaves, 17g pea shoots.

Total for week = 239g; value = £2.59
Total since 1 May = 76.9 kg; total value = £800.11

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