How to grow tomatoes in containers

Tomatoes are one of the finest container crops – both for yield and taste. Tomato grower Nick Chenhall of the excellent Tomato Growing website shares his extensive knowledge and experience in the videos below. His approach is a mix of the low cost DIY, combined with the latest research and gizmos. Not everything here is “organic” – so pick and chose the tips that best suit how you like to grow.

1. Nick’s seven top tomato growing tips

Nick shares his top tips for tomato success – including which varieties to grow, how to get air to the roots, pot size, feeding – and his big secret (revealed after the credits!).

2. How to raise healthy tomato plants

  • 3 ways to start tomato seeds.
  • When and what to pot the seedling on into (including Nick’s patented beer containers!)
  • A great tip for increasing light.
  • What compost to use.

3. How to feed your tomato plants

To get good yields of tomatoes from containers, feeding is essential. Nick talks through the options including:

  • Tomato feeds
  • Liquid seaweed
  • Epsom salts

4. Training your tomatoes

  • How to train your tomatoes to have two or three main stems.
  • How and when to remove the leaves from tomato plants.
  • When to pinch out the growing tips.
  • How to tie up tomatoes.


5. Tomato diseases and other problems

  • How to prevent and treat blight.
  • Common nutrient deficiencies including blossom end rot – and why spraying milk can help.
  • Common physical problems including leaf roll and fruit scald.


3 thoughts on “How to grow tomatoes in containers”

  1. Hi Mark
    These videos are really useful, I mainly grow plum (San Mazano), beef(Iraqi and Coeur de Beau) but also Piccolo (from saved seed) both in my polytunnel and greenhouse.
    I also use Epsom salts for tomatoes and as a remedy for yellowing of my raspberry leaves which occurs on my Autumn varieties (one tbsp per 8 litre watering can and water the soil).

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  3. Thanks everso much for making this information available and accessible- it’s inspired me to have another go a growing tomatoes – I wasn’t going to bother after last year and my disastrous crops!

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