How to Grow Mushrooms

In these videos Ivan shows you how easy it is to grow your own mushrooms at home (without buying an expensive kit). Find out which are the easiest, fastest and prettiest mushrooms to grow your yourself, how to grow them on waste cardboard, straw, old clothes, or logs, and how you can get 2.5kg of mushrooms from one carrier bag full of straw!

Ivan, mushroom grower and founder of Mushroom Box supplies mushroom spawn to home growers and small scale commercial farmers. Do check out the excellent (and free) PDF guides to mushroom growing on his website, where he also sells a great selection of mushroom spawn.

Before you start growing, I’d recommend watching as many videos as you can – particularly the first five, as Ivan offers different tips and insights in each one.

You can grow a lot of mushrooms at home!

Why mushroom kits often don’t work.
The easiest mushrooms to grow and what they can be grown them on.
Can you get a good yield economically at home?
What you need to grow mushrooms.
What time of year is best?

Growing media and pasteurisation

Why it’s harder to grow on coffee grounds.
The easiest substrates to grow on.
Why pasteurisation is critical to grow many species.

Growing on straw

Chopped up straw is one of the easiest and most reliable substrates to grow oyster mushrooms on. All you need is straw, a strong plastic bag, a cardboard box and some mushroom spawn.

Growing on card

Waste cardboard is an excellent, widely available substrate to grow oysters on (and its free!). You can also use old clothes or unbleached waste paper in the same way. Find out how to pasteurise it and seed it with spawn.

The best oyster mushroom varieties

Oyster mushrooms are the easiest to grow at home (and expensive to buy). The best for home growing include:

Blue grey: very easy, high yielding; good in cooler temps.
Pink: very fast, pretty, and with more flavour.
Yellow: pretty
Elm: very easy and high yielding; better flavour than blue-grey.

How to grow Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are slower to grow than oysters but are another one that can easily be grown at home. Ivan shows you how.

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