How to grow in winter

Professional grower and author, Charles Dowding, shares his experience and knowledge about how to grow food successfully in containers in winter.

He discusses the biggest challenges (cold and light) and how to get round them, what is best to grow (choosing the right crops is critical to success), when to sow. He also shares tips on protecting, feeding and watering crops in winter.

Charles also prepared some written tips, including the all important seed sowing dates, that you can download here.


1:43    Why grow in winter

6:00    Challenges – light, temperature

14:40   Best crops to grow in small spaces

26:55   Kale (incl. tips on harvesting winter crops)

28.19   Sorrel

31.12   Pak Choi

32.58  Mustards

36.18  Winter purslane

39.35 Chicory

41.00  Peashoots

42.30  Green manures for containers?

45.51  Protection – benefits of fleece

48.20 Watering in winter

50.00 How to start when containers are still full of summer crops!

52.19  Spacing winter crops

53.25 Feeding winter crops

55.36 more on harvesting


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