How to grow herbs in containers

Lemon verbena: a fabulous herb, not as widely grown as it should be.

Have you ever wondered why herbs look so lush in the nursery but can quickly become straggly when you get them home?

In these videos I talk to herb farmer, Lorraine Melton, to discover the secrets of growing healthy, lush herbs in pots.

Lorraine shares with you her tips on how to grow some of the most useful herbs like parsley, sage, basil and chives. She also gives you ideas on more unusual herbs you could try, like lemon verbena and dittander, and some fascinating snippets of history along the way.

Lorraine has been growing herbs for 18 years, and her farm, Herbal Haven, now stocks over 150 different herbs. Also check out their website for a treasure trove of information on each herb (click on a herb and look under ‘from our journal’).

Eight of the best for containers

Lorraine shares tips and tricks on how to grow, harvest and maintain (and keep bushy and healthy!): garlic chives, parsley, coriander, thyme, sage, marjoram, mint and rosemary.

General tips for herb growing

Discover why it is important to feed herbs, and what is the best growing media to use.

Basil and growing herbs from seed

Most herbs are best grown from cuttings (or bought as plants) but a few are better from seed including dill, coriander and basil. Lorraine offers tips on all three.

Lemon Verbena

A less widely grown – but wonderful – herb for containers is lemon verbena. Lorraine tells us how to grow it and how to look after it over winter.


Tarragon is a little more temperamental than some, but still not too difficult – Lorraine tells us how.

Dittander, Meadowswett and Myrtle

Of the more unusual herbs Lorraine grows, here she talks about three of her favourites – how to grow them, with some fascinating little bits of history, too. (Did you know that meadowsweet contains aspirin?).

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