How to grow fruit in containers

Once established fruit trees and bushes can give you an excellent harvest and are less work to look after than annual vegetables. They can also look great, with the bonus of pretty blossom in spring.

In these videos, Niels Corfield of Edible Cities offers tips on how to feed fruits and what size of container to use. He shows you step by step how to root prune and repot a fruit tree – which is essential to keep fruits healthy. Finally, he shows you a tool that makes it easy to graft your own fruit trees – a super skill to learn if you want lots of trees in pots.

What fruits to grow?

Almost any fruit can be grown in a container but some are particularly well suited. In this video, Niels shares his top choices. [I’d also add blackberry, wineberry, purple Glencoe raspberry and Chillean guava to his selection].

Pot type, size and progression

The pros and cons of different types of pots for fruit, and why it can be a good idea to move your tree into progressively bigger pots as it grows.

How to repot and root prune fruit trees

Pruning the roots of fruit trees and bushes every 12 – 24 months will help keep them healthy and productive.

How to feed fruit trees

Feeding is critical to get a good yield of fruit. Niels shows you how to refresh the compost in a pot, and talks about different ways you can feed your fruit including controlled release fertiliser and liquid feeds.

How to graft a fruit tree

In eight easy steps! How to use a simple grafting tool graft a fruit tree without any previous grafting experience! This method works for apples, pears and plums amongst others. This will give you high quality trees at very low cost. It’s also a great project to do with others in the community.

Fruit Growing Webinar Q&A

Niels answers your fruit growing questions (questions listed under the recording)

The questions Niels answers in the following order are:

  • How to grow figs
  • Best fruit for v small spaces
  • Need to remove blossom in year 1?
  • Best fruit in shade?
  • Best time to plant fruit?
  • Root pruning / root control qs
  • How to prune an apple
  • Good fruit for Melbourne, Australia
  • Watering
  • Mycorrhiza

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