How to grow chillies in containers – Part 2

Chillies can be beautiful as well as full of flavour.

Chillies are not difficult to grow in containers (as long as you have warmth and sun) – but they have some specific needs. Knowing these will improve your success. Of particular importance is warmth to germinate them, careful watering and excellent soil drainage. In Part 2 of growing chillies, Steve Waters, who runs South Devon Chilli Farm, explains how.

Steve also offers tips on: growing chillies on a window sill inside, varieties for cooler climates, how to feed chillies, and how to control their most common pests (including a top notch tip for aphids).

How to sow and germinate chillies

Video time: 5.47

What depth to sow
The best temperature
Watering before germination
The best time to sow
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Watering, growing media and potting up

Video time: 6 minutes

The best growing media for chillies
How to water chillies (this is important!)
How to pot on chillies
Pot size
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How to feed chillies

Video time: 4.08

When and what to feed chillies
Signs of overfeeding / underfeeding
Importance of calcium for chillies
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4 fabulous and reliable chillies for pots

Video time: 2.06

For flavour and yield, which chillies are most reliable to grow in pots?

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Common chilli pests and how to manage them

Video time: 8.12

Strategies for managing aphids – including a super, easy trick to remove aphids + different biological controls
Slugs and snails
Why its usually best to avoid sprays
Spider mites and thrips
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Growing inside, overwintering, pruning

Video time:4.35

The best varieties for inside
Watering and pruning for over winter
Is it good to pinch out chilli growing tips?
Best varieties for cooler climates?
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