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In the blog, you’ll find tips on growing food in containers – what to grow, how to grow it, common challenges (and how to overcome them), how much it is possible to grow, and techniques to grow more. Use the drop down menu at the top to help you find what you want (or use the search bar at the side).

Salad harvested from my containers in January.
Month by month

What to do in January

As the days start to lengthen, January is a month of planning and anticipation for the new season. It’s too early to sow seeds outside, …

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Twilight Chilli - ideal for a smaller pot on the windowsill - looks great, too.
Best plants for containers

How to Grow Chillies in Containers – Introduction

Chillies grow very well in containers – but they do have some specific needs. To discover the ‘tricks of the trade’, I met up with (and …

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Best plants for containers

Six ways to grow more tomatoes in containers

Tomatoes are the perfect crop for small spaces: rewarding, productive and delicious. Few people know more about growing tomatoes in containers than Nick Chenhall, tomato …

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Runner beans add height and beauty to a small container garden. As well as lots of tasty beans.
Best plants for containers

Growing runner beans in pots

  Runner beans are one of the most productive and pretty crops for containers – and an excellent choice for small spaces. Growing runner beans …

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Best plants for containers

How to grow courgettes / zucchini in containers

Courgettes / zucchini are productive and easy to grow in containers – and one plant will give you fruit for several weeks.  Homegrown, they are …

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Best plants for containers

How to grow lemon grass in containers

When you start to grow your own food, a nice surprise is that some ‘exotic’ plants turn out to be easier to grow than you …

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