How to Save Seeds

Saving Seeds with P Brinch

Seed saving is rewarding and not difficult, even when growing in a small space. All you need is a little knowledge and to chose the right crops to save from (some are more difficult than others).

Below you’ll find videos on some of the easiest and best seeds to save in small spaces with seed saving expert, Peter Brinch.

Is it worth saving seeds in small spaces?

Video time: 6:27
In this video Peter Brinch shares his passion for seed saving and talks about some of the wide ranging benefits it can offer, even in small urban spaces. From the simple joy of watching crops flower and seed, to sharing and swapping seeds, to maintaining biodiversity.

How to save tomato seeds

Video time: 4.56
Tomatoes are one of the great container crops. The seeds are not difficult to save either. Seeds from just a couple of tomatoes will keep you in tomato seeds for several years; and probably give you a small surplus to give away or swap, too.

How to save chilli and sweet pepper seeds

Video time: 6.03
Chilli (and pepper) are one of the easiest and most straight forward crops to save seeds from. Once you know how, you need never buy another pack of chilli seeds again! In this video, Peter walks you through how to do it, step by step.

How to save bean and pea seeds

Video time: 6:37
Peter shows you how to save runner bean seeds. The same process can also be used for other bean and pea seeds.

How to save lettuce seeds

Video time: 7.14
Lettuce seeds are smaller and a little fiddlier to clean than some of the others featured here. However you only need one healthy lettuce to get good quality seeds. So this makes it another good choice for small space seed saving.

How to save mizuna (and other brassica) seeds

Video time: 10:01
Mizuna is cross pollinating and you need to grow about a dozen plants in order to save quality seeds. However, it won’t do any harm to save seeds from less plants as long as you just use them for yourself and don’t share them at seed swaps. You can use the same process for other brassica seeds including rocket and all the other Japanese salads.

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