Steps to container growing success

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How to grow food successfully in small spaces – in ten straightforward steps.

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“Don´t know what I´d be doing without it, it’s packed full of useful information.  Container sizes, spacing, drainage were especially useful to me. I liked that the information was so concise, many other sources I found were quite overwhelming.”Anne in Scotland.


This is based on the learning from my own mistakes – and my experience running container growing workshops online and across the UK. It answers key questions including

  • How much sun do different crops need?
  • What size container to use?
  • What to feed plants in containers with?

Growing is often over complicated. This is a concise guide, designed to give you the essential information you need without information overload.

Over 10,000 copies have been downloaded and used by people all over the world.

6 thoughts on “Steps to container growing success”

  1. I’m excited to use some of your insights with our visiting school groups. I appreciate any insights you have about varieties with smaller footprints and faster-growing veggies in raised beds so that we can share them with our elementary-aged students.

    1. I’m not really an expert on raised beds, more containers- – but Climbing French and runner beans are good. Asian veg like Chinese cabbage, pak Choi and kailan- sown after the summer solstice. Also vining tomatoes and, if sheltered, cucumbers.

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