How to sow, grow and harvest salads

Here you’ll find videos and step by step instructions on how to sow, grow and harvest microgreens, baby leaves and full sized leaves. The only difference between these is the size of the leaves, and the size of the pot you need to grow them in.

Microgreens are the smallest, the fastest and easiest and to grow – and taste fantastic. The only downside is that they only crop for a short period, usually a week or two – so you have to keep sowing if you want a constant supply.

Full sized leaves take longer to grow, need larger pots, but can be cropped over a much longer period, usually a month or two, sometimes even over a year or more.

Babyleaves fall inbetween the two – larger than microgreens, smaller than full sized leaves. They look pretty and will crop longer than microgreens, sometimes a month or more.

Microgreens and growing from seed

Microgreens are easy and fast to grow – and make a fantastic first growing project. I strongly recommend you give them a go as soon as you can. Pea shoots are the best to start with, but radish and sunflower shoots are also very good.

Video: How to grow microgreens
Video time: 5.24

Practical demo of how to grow shoots and microgreens.
Watch the video then sow up your own trays of microgreens.
Download a PDF of step by step instructions.

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