Getting started

Before you start growing, you’ll want to check your space gets sufficient sun (see exercise below) – and then you’ll need some pots and a few other things as shown in the first video.

Once you’ve done this, it’s a good idea to sow some shoots (see next lesson) as soon as you can – as most people find it very motivating to pick (and eat) their first home grown salads.

What you need to grow

You don’t need much – but it is important to get the right things. Find out in the video below and / or download this PDF list.

Exercise: observe your growing space.

Salads are a good choice for less sunny spaces – but they still need three to four hours sun to grow well and healthily. Wind can also affect growth.

Download this exercise with to help you observe the sun and wind and work out how many hours of sun your space gets.

Further Information


  1. Growing in a hot space / climate

Most salads are cool weather crops and grow best in the spring and autumn. If you are growing in a hot climate or on a sunny balcony in summer,  some salads may be difficult or impossible to grow. However, there are some varieties that do grow well in much warmer temperatures, including Malabar spinach and summer purslane.

For more info, check out  Growing in Containers in the Heat  which also has a useful factsheet you can download.

2. Too windy?

Most salads will cope with some wind, but dislike strong or persistent winds. If you are growing in a very exposed place, growing will be more challenging. For ideas on how you can minimise the affect of the wind, check out this article here.


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