My new book

The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening

How to create a meaningful, beautiful and productive edible container garden in a small space.

Published on 24th March, available to order now - personalised copies available - links below.

Drawing on ten years + experience of growing, running workshops and connecting with growers all over the world.

VV Hardcover

At 300 pages, the book is a comprehensive and detailed guide to growing veg, fruit and herbs in containers. It includes: 

  • My eight steps to container growing success.
  • How to overcome the challenges of urban growing  – like lack of space, lack of sun, and watering containers.
  • The most productive, delicious and beautiful crops for containers. 
  • Key growing skills including raising healthy seedlings inside, supporting container plants and wormeries.
  • Techniques to grow more food in a small space.
  • How to create an abundant and healthy garden using natural resources – absolutely NO pesticides, ever.

Available to order now

Personalised Hardback


Personalised, signed hardback copies now available direct from me in the UK with free postage (the book’s RRP is £25).

Tell me who you want the book dedicated to using the Enquiry Form or by emailing (If I don’t hear from you in 24 hours, I’ll assume you want the book unsigned).  

Sorry, but due to Brexit, I can only send copies within the UK. Outside the UK, please use the links below or your local bookshop. 

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 Outside the UK, please use the links below or your local bookshop to pre-order the book. 


EU / rest of the World 

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“Just wanted to tell you that your book is exactly what I have been looking for, for ages now! I’m lucky enough to have two balconies available to me so I grow everything I can in containers – I’ve been slowly building up my skills for the last few years. However, it can be so difficult to find information about the best pot size and growing material to use…for starters! Your book has solved so many problems for me already. I really appreciate the detail, observation, and time you’ve put into this. It truly is a fabulous book and a reference I know I’ll turn to constantly. My favourite bits so far are the tables of reference – what to plant, when, how much space they need… this is a complete game changer for the container gardener. Thank you very much! Feel free to post this review or let me know where I can leave a review to draw attention to this excellent resource..”
Victoria Cummins

The spin off benefits of growing at home

One of the motivations behind the book was to highlight that even small container gardens can deliver the wide ranging health, community and sustainability benefits that are more normally associated with community gardens and other types of gardening do (as many of you reading this will already know!). So the last chapter is devoted to this, looking at the diversity of ways container gardening can support nature, help green our cities, help us eat more nutritious food and connect us with more of our neighbours – and much more.

Here is a short extract on Growing for Health – and some of the nutritional benefits. (If it’s too small to read, you can download it here).

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