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Vertical Veg inspires and supports those who don’t have a garden to grow food in containers. 

I help you to transform a small space into an abundant container garden, filled with herbs, fruit, veg, beauty and life.

And champion how growing at home contributes to wellbeing and local community. And helps people reconnect with food and nature in the city.

Above all Vertical Veg is about the joy of growing at home, and the transformative experience of creating your own green oasis. It can feel like a miracle to watch flower buds open, bees visit and to pick your own home grown food in the middle of the city. 

How did Vertical Veg Start?

Unable to get an allotment in London, I started growing on my small balcony and window sills in 2009. Expecting the occasional bowl of salad, I was amazed discover we were soon picking food to add to nearly every meal. 

The idea for Vertical Veg came after cycling round London one day, noticing the many empty balconies, rooftops and other concrete spaces. I imagined how wonderful it would be if more of them were filled with pots of herbs, edible flowers and fruit.  And the joy it could give to people tending them and to those walking by. My friend Martin came up with the name Vertical Veg to describe my growing – and since then there has been no turning back. 

Why create a container garden at home?

Even in a small space you can still grow a LOT and pick fresh, healthy, tasty, food every day. Growing will also help you to enjoy nature at home, recycle food waste, cut food miles and bring colour to the urban landscape. You will also discover how growing can bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to share plants, food, recipes and experience.

Why the need for Vertical Veg?

Over half of the world’s population already live in cities. The UN predicts this will rise to two thirds by 2050. In urban areas, a high proportion of homes have no garden. For example Somers Town, London, UK, 79% of homes have no garden and in central Newcastle, where I live, it’s 58%. 

But many urban homes do have alternative spaces that can become productive container gardens: a balcony, patio, roof terrace, or car parking bay for example. This offers huge potential to green our cities, provide more fresh veg and fruit in ‘food deserts’, and to reconnect those of us in the city with our food supply and nature.

What is the advice on this site based on?

The information on this site comes from three sources. First, my own experience of growing in containers in small urban spaces. Second, from talking to and learning from hundreds of other container growers in cities around the world. And third, to many professional growers and other experts who’ve so generously shared their wisdom.

How can Vertical Veg help you?

The posts and videos on this website are a good place to start. My book, The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening, offers many more tips on how get the most out of small space growing. I also run workshops – online and in person – on growing food in containers for both beginners and more experienced growers. And train the trainer days – to help you train people to teach container growing in your community. I give talks at everything from gardening clubs to large festivals.



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