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40%* or more homes in most modern cities do not have gardens. The good news is that it’s possible to grow a lot of food on a balcony, patio, front yard or rooftop (see how much).

Vertical Veg is here to help you:

  1. Grow delicious and nutritious food in containers successfully and affordably, (and beautifully).
  2. Discover the best crops to grow in your small space.
  3. Overcome the specific challenges of growing in containers in the city – like lack of space, cost of growing, and moving heavy compost without a car.

While some human actions can have multiple negative impacts, the beauty of small space urban growing is its potential for multiple positive changes. Vertical Veg promotes small space growing as a catalyst for change, specifically how it can:

  1. Support a more nutritious, diverse and healthier diet and improve wellbeing.
  2. Contribute to food security and a more local and sustainable food supply in the future.
  3. Help cut food waste and unnecessary food packaging.
  4. Support pollinators and other wildlife in urban areas.
  5. Add beauty to our concrete streets.
  6. Bring diverse people together and help build our local communities.

All the information on this site is rooted in my hands on experience of growing in containers in small spaces in the city – and working and learning from hundreds of other container growers. I’m also indebted to the many professional growers and other experts who’ve so freely shared their wisdom to help inform these pages.

With a bit of time and effort it’s possible to grow a significant proportion of your herb, fruit and veg needs in many small spaces – and even be self sufficient in these for some of the year.

But if you have less time, just a few pots filled with your favourite herbs, fruits or vegetables, can still offer much pleasure and give you many of the same benefits.


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