What to do in August

A ridge gourd growing in a container on Monica’s roof terrace

Month by month, Monica Bathija brings you her tips on what to do now in the container garden in India – based on her experiences on her roof terrace container garden in Mumbai.

Here’s what to do in August:

  • Intermittent rain means you can’t just forget about the watering. Keep track of the vines and ensure they don’t dry out or the veggies, especially cucumbers, will go bitter.
  • Keep weeding and digging up the soil to avoid compaction.
  • Time to sow brinjals.
  • Start planning for the winter veggies, and clearing out containers of plants that have done their time. Organise seeds for cauliflower, carrots, radishes,beets, beans and tomatoes.
  • Keep a lookout for aphids — capsicum plants seem particularly vulnerable.


Capsicums (green peppers) growing well in a pot on Monica’s balcony


An August harvest from Monica’s Mumbai roof terrace.