India: what to do in June

Month by month, Monica shares for you her tips on what to do now in the container garden in India – based on her experiences on her roof terrace container garden in Bombay.
This month, Monica says:
It’s been raining like crazy out here for the past couple of weeks. A brief respite now. The upside is that I don’t have to water my plants now and everything is lush. The downside is the weeds!
There’s not much to do on the rooftop in June I find. But here goes.
1. As the rains set in, it’s a good time to trim back the fruit trees and overgrowing herbs and vines.
2. Not much watering is needed just now but the flip side is the soil may become compacted. Ensure a little dig now and then to prevent this from happening.
3. Keep harvesting.
4. Keep weeds in check.
5. A good time to sow okra, more cucumbers, bitter gourds. Also groundnuts, ginger and turmeric.