India: what to do in April

A harvest from Monica's roof terrace - much tastier than veg she can buy in the shops.

A harvest from Monica’s roof terrace – much tastier than veg she can buy in the shops.


In Mumbai, India, it’s the beginning of the year’s hottest months and it will be summer until May / mid-June.

This month, Monica is harvesting some beautiful looking and tasty looking crops (much tastier than anything in the local shop, she says), including tomatoes, okra and beans. Below Monica shares with us the other jobs she is doing in her roof terrace container garden this month.

  • Keep picking/harvesting, keep watering and feeding regularly. And mulch. 
  • Trim off the dead stems and leaves of tomatoes after harvest. If they have some small sprouts of green foliage, they might come back. Give them a second chance.
  • Put a trellis in place for the cucumbers and other trailers.
  • Sow more cucumbers, gourds, perhaps tomatoes, okra for succession planting and continuous harvesting.
  • Keep pinching back the basil leaves. Let some of them flower, however, they attract beneficial insects.
  • Keep a lookout for aphids — they love warm, humid weather and multiply quickly. If they do appear, remove the infected parts/aphids or spray with a diluted mixture of dish soap and (neem) oil. 
  • Deadhead perennials for continuous flowering. Scatter some more marigold seeds. Tomatoes and marigolds like each other very much. Also sporadic pots of marigolds placed among herbs and veggies help with pest control.  
  • It’s time to sow capsicums. Also corn, sweet potatoes. 
Eggplant (aubergine) on Monica's roof terrace - looking good!

Eggplant (aubergine) on Monica’s roof terrace – looking good!