Mint for life… (the secret of keeping supermarket mint alive)

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If you’ve tried growing a pot of supermarket mint, you might have discovered that it usually looks sad and dies after a few weeks. (At least, that is what happened to my first attempts!).

But did you know that there is a super easy way to make supermarket mint grow, flourish and last for years?

Find out how in this three minute film.



Follow the advice in the film and your mint will grow happily for months (watering with liquid seaweed once a month will also help but is not essential). It will then die back over winter and magically reappear in the spring.

To keep it flourishing in year two, remove the mint from its pot, divide it into two or four and repot it in new compost.

Do this each year and one plant can give you delicious mint to make tea, cocktails, and add to salads, curries and sauces (or one of these other 49 ways to use mint) for years… indeed, for as many years as  you water and look after it.

The film was made as part of the Greening Wingrove Project, Vertical Veg Street, which supported local residents to grow food in containers at the front of their home. Food growing workshops were run directly on the streets in different parts of the community to make them as accessible as possible.

With thanks to all the people who starred in the film and to those who contributed in so many different ways to the street events – by hosting a session, cooking food, supporting and growing plants for others….. and not forgetting street event attendee Andy Jones of Screenstation, for devising and making the #mint film. Thanks Andy! 



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  • Thanks Mark, informative and entertaining. Love to see folks eating well and wasting less.

    Would love to have some magic tips of growing Basil successfully (in England) – I’d love a great big pot of Basil in my Kitchen, but Basil is so delicate (not too much draft, water, sun etc etc) it’s tricky. Simon

  • Congrats Mark, you have done so well. Keep up the great work,

  • That inspired to me nip out the the mints and crop them. I do it with my basils (to prevent flowering) but didnt think if it for mint.

  • Great work Mark. Hats off to your endavour . Love the way u made people get involved n bring them closer to nature.

  • Hi
    Any tips for growing supermarket Basil. I have trouble keeping it alive.


    • Same thing as mint – only separate the plants to give them more space. Also easier to grow inside in most places.

    • Hi, Nicki
      I had same trouble growing basil, no matter what I did I managed to kill it every single time. Then someone told me, that it just hates to be watered from the top. I began water it in the saucer only and this helped a lot ; )
      Outdoors I grow it in the sun, but close to the wall, under the roof hanger, so it does not get wet – success ; )

  • I already have a big pot of supermarket mint, it’s done pretty well, and the plant itself was key to getting the little one to eat salads, he loves mint! Should be more encouragement like this for people too.

  • Hi.
    I think mint is a great plant to start people on. Although i didn’t think it was possible to kill mint. I threw some away and a little bit went down the drain from the house. A month later I couldn’t see the drain, but it sure smelled better than it used to.

  • Does this work for supermarket coriander too ?

    • more tricky with coriander as it doesn’t like to be moved so much. I find it easiest from seed.

  • Excellent film Mark! Keep up the good work 😊👍

  • What month would you recommend the reporting, i have a very large pot I inherited, but it has not done well this year, now i know it needs repotting should I do this before winter sets in or next year in speing

    • I usually do it in the spring but you can do it anytime I think. I’d be tempted to do yours now.

  • This is brilliant! Just getting people off the streets involved in learning about growing plants, eating well and being healthy is a priceless education. MAssive thumbs up for what you’re achieving.

  • Mark, you are ‘legend’ what a wonderful project!
    Loving the funkstar rap grooves in the background.
    Shine on!
    You spread so much good 😁


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