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Building a container garden / maximising space

Guide to setting up your own edible rooftop garden – a free, practical guide to creating your own urban growing space, published by the Rooftop Garden Project in Montreal. Includes how to make containers with water reservoirs, how to build an ingenious self watering system, and how to link water butts together. Highly recommended.

What depth of container do you need for each vegetable and herb? This invaluable guide tells you. Published by RISC of Reading, it’s based on Michael Guerra’s, the Edible Container Garden.

Maximise growing space with creative ideas from Sri Lanka, collected by Dr Thilak T. Ranasinghe. Build your own vertical growing wall with advice from the RHS website. Find more space saving ideas from the infectiously enthusiastic Urban Organic Gardener.

Turn a pallet into a garden with help from Life on the Balcony, into a planter with Simon Crabb, or a cool black vertical garden with help from Shaynna Blaze.

What to grow and how to grow it

Garden Organic’s website is a treasure trove of info, including free Growing Info Cards for over 50 different vegetables, plus fruits, herbs and edible flowers, and a handy set of organic growing guidelines. Members can also access useful factsheets on disease control, composting etc.

Guide for planting by the moon is a web diary that tells you the best time to sow ‘leaf’ ‘flower’ and ‘root’ crops to get the highest yields. There is evidence that it really works. Even if you’re sceptical, the planting calander can be a useful framework to help you organise your sowing.

Fresh Herbs is a new UK website with tips on how to grow different herbs, their health benefits and recipes.

The How To Garden Guide has various articles on self watering containers, upside down planting, growing tomatoes in containers and many others.


Container growing focused

Aerial Edible Gardening: stories of balcony food growing and urban wildlife from North London.

Container Gardening for Food: charts Rick’s progress in growing food on an urban patio is South West England.

Green Roof Growers: growing heirloom vegetables on rooftops in Chicago.

Urban Organic Gardener: charismatic LA balcony / fire escape (!) container gardener with loads of tips, ideas and energy.


Musings of an Urban Market Gardener: inspiring prose from a community garden in North London.

Midnight Brambling: blends musings on life and growing to make thought provoking reading, by Guardian writer, Lia Leendertz

Radix: interested in unusual root vegetables? This one’s for you.

The Alternative Kitchen Garden: covers everything from unusual crops to sustaianble growing media and fertlisers.