Seed and plant suppliers

The  most enjoyable place to get seeds and veg plants is from local seed swaps and community garden sales. Not only can you get good advice direct from growers, prices are usually excellent, too. Alternatively, check out the following suppliers.

The Real Seed Catalogue: seeds selected for the home grower – and no hybrids so you can save your own seed.

Tamar Organics: excellent selection of organic seeds – good prices and very good service.

Poyntzfield Herb Nursery supplies over 400 different herbs, grown organically in Scotland, hardy enough to grow almost anywhere in the UK.

Organic plants offers plug plants for sale.

Useful Products

Slug repellant tape: Slugs get a small electric shock when they try to cross copper – many gardeners reports that it really works. Put the tape round the top of containers.

Earthbox: a well designed self watering container, ideal for growing tomatoes, courgettes and other water hungry crops. I blog about them here.