How to save tomato seeds

There’s nothing quite like sowing a seed that you’ve saved yourself. Or giving away your own seeds to friends and neighbours. And there are other benefits, too – including saving money, protecting our biodiversity and letting crops flower for pollinators.

But is it possible to save seeds when you’re only growing with a few containers in small space?

The answer is yes!

And it’s not difficult either. You just need a little knowledge to help get you started. For example, it’s useful to know which crops are easy and which are more tricky.

One of the best crops to start seed saving is tomatoes. In the following nine minute video, seed saving expert Peter Brinch of Open Pollinated Seeds, will show you all you need to know to do this, step by step.

All you need is ripe, home grown tomatoes (see * note on F1 hybrids below). No other specialist tools are required.

This video was made for the new Vertical Veg Container Growers Club. You can find out more about how to join the club (and how to get access to lots more videos like this and join a community of container growers) here.

* Be aware that if you save seeds from F1 hybrid tomatoes, they are likely to result in tomatoes with different characteristics from their parents. For this reason, its best to save seeds from ‘open pollinated varieties’. How do you know if you have an F1 hybrid? It should say F1 somewhere on the seed pack. If it doesn’t say F1 it will be an open pollinated variety – and the seeds should produce plants very similar to their parents.

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  • Brill. Will give it a go later this year!

  • A very informative, clear video. Thanks!


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