Balcony veg: can it save you money?

There are so many good reasons to grow your own veg. These include having fresh, healthy food on your doorstep, and the simple joy of growing your own.

But can growing at home also save you money? To find out, I’m going to estimate the value of the produce I grow, and update this regularly in the Growing Diary.

All the food I grow is organic and ultra fresh. To make it easy to get market prices, I’ve decided to use the self professed quality online supermarket, Ocado, as a benchmark price.

Salad: rocket at Ocado is £1.98 for 110 g, Pak Choi £1.98 90g – my salad leaves are a mix of rocket and Japanese leaves like pak choi, so I’ll average this as £1.98 per 100g. 410 g grown since 1 May = £8.10

Pea shoots: £1.68 for 80g. 245g grown since 1 May = £5.15

Herbs: range from 78p for 25g parsley to 78p for 15g thyme and 84p for 20 g mint. I’ll use a rough average of 80p per 20g. 180 g grown since 1 May = £7.20

Rhubarb: £3.18 for 400g. 195g grown since 1 May = £1.55

Radishes: 49p for 208 g. 140 g grown since 1 May = 33 pence

Total of £22.33 grown since 1 May.

Radishes look the least promising choice if your main motivation is to save money! But they grow super fast and I love having a few of these fiery jewels for salads.

Over £5 of pea shoots already from my 'pea shooter'

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  • You dont say (or perhaps I missed it) whether you grow in your own homemade compost or that bought from a supplier—- which is expensive and would cut down your profits considerably.


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