Month by month

  • What to do in July 12 comments

    July is a month of lush growth and expectation in the container garden - with the best harvests of the year just round the corner. With luck, you might already be harvesting peas, courgettes, strawberries and beans now, along with the first tomatoes (cherry tomatoes are usually the first to ripen). If you want to keep [...]

  • What to do in June 20 comments

    June. Long, light, warmer days means your crops will grow fast this month. Go away for the weekend and you may notice your tomatoes and beans are an inch or two taller on your return.  It's also a busy month. There's watering, feeding and caring for your fast growing crops. And if you want to keep [...]

  • What to do in May 23 comments

    May is a busy and fun month in the container garden: you can sow most crops directly outside now, seeds germinate more easily, and everything just grows! What you can sow now Other jobs for May Tying up peas. Making wigwams for runner beans Planting out, pinching out and supporting tomatoes Planning watering for the [...]

  • What to do in April 46 comments

    As temperatures warm and days get longer, seeds become easier to sprout and seedlings will grow in front of your eyes on sunnier days. There is loads of stuff you can sow now. Just keep an eye an eye out for those pesky slugs waking up after winter. If you're new to growing, this is [...]

  • What to do in March 43 comments

    March is an exciting month in the container garden, winter is nearly over. As the days warm and lengthen, it's time to get your compost and containers ready to go. There is also lots you can sow this month. Having said that, for most crops there is no urgency, you still have plenty of time [...]

  • What to do in February 21 comments

    With spring just round the corner, February is a month of expectation in the container garden. You can also start sowing seeds again (hurrah!). Chillies, peppers and aubergines are particularly worth sowing now. For keen growers who want to get a head start, there are other crops you can sow this month, too - see [...]