Month by month

  • What to do in January 15 comments

    As the days start to lengthen, January is a month of planning and anticipation for the new season. It's too early to sow seeds outside, but you can continue experimenting with sprouts and micro greens on your indoor window sills - see December. You might be surprised by how much you can grow inside in [...]

  • What to do in December 27 comments

    As we enter the dark, cold days of winter, you can still keep up your supply of fresh, highly nutritious food by moving some of your growing inside. With just two or three large jam jars for sprouts and four or five seed trays for leaves you can even be self sufficient in salad. The salad [...]

  • What to do in November 14 comments

    As we descend into November, temperatures cool, days get shorter and light levels drop. Growth in the garden slows or grinds to a halt. This is a quieter month in the container garden, but there are still some useful jobs you can do. Care for winter crops. Get your wormery ready for winter. Sow broad beans [...]

  • What to do in October 9 comments

    October is a time of change in the container garden. We say a fond farewell to our warm weather friends - the tomatoes, chillies, runner beans etc - and welcome in the cool weather crops like rocket and kale. Jobs for this month include Harvest warm weather crops. Protecting winter crops. Protecting tender herbs. Slug [...]

  • What to do in September 4 comments

    This month is Harvest Time in the container garden - usually the most productive month of the year. Jobs for this month include Harvesting the bounty - and enjoying the unsurpassed flavour of homegrown in your kitchen! Saving seeds Sowing for winter Cutting back, removing tomato blossom. Keep feeding fruiting crops. Now is seed saving time [...]

  • What to do in August 9 comments

    August is one of the best months for harvests in the container garden. As well as salads and herbs, you may also be harvesting tomatoes, courgettes, and beans. In warmer parts, chillies, peppers and aubergines, too. It's also the time to sow seeds to give you a supply of green leaves throughout winter and early spring. Jobs to [...]