• How much food can you grow in pots? 8 comments

    To show that it's possible to grow lots of food - even if you don't have a garden - I've been measuring the weight and value of the food grown in containers in our small concrete back yard in Newcastle, UK, from 1 May to 31 October this year. This continues the experiments I did [...]

  • What to do in November 7 comments

    As we descend into November, temperatures cool, days get shorter and light levels drop. Growth in the garden slows or grinds to a halt. This is a quieter month in the container garden, but there are still some useful jobs you can do. Care for winter crops. Get your wormery ready for winter. Sow broad beans [...]

  • The ONE thing you MUST do when starting a new container garden 3 comments

    One of the first things I did when I started growing food on my balcony was to spend a lot of time and effort building a huge container out of wood. I later discovered that the place I'd built it got less sun than anywhere else on the balcony. Big mistake! The lesson I learnt [...]

  • What to do in October 0 comments

    October is a time of change in the container garden. We say a fond farewell to our warm weather friends - the tomatoes, chillies, runner beans etc - and welcome in the cool weather crops like rocket and kale. Jobs for this month include Harvest warm weather crops. Protecting winter crops. Protecting tender herbs. Slug [...]

  • What to do in September 0 comments

    This month is Harvest Time in the container garden - usually the most productive month of the year. Jobs for this month include Harvesting the bounty - and enjoying the unsurpassed flavour of homegrown in your kitchen! Saving seeds  Sowing for winter Cutting back, removing tomato blossom. Keep feeding fruiting crops. Now is seed saving time [...]

  • How to save tomato seeds 3 comments

    There's nothing quite like sowing a seed that you've saved yourself. Or giving away your own seeds to friends and neighbours. And there are other benefits, too - including saving money, protecting our biodiversity and letting crops flower for pollinators.  But is it possible to save seeds when you're only growing with a few containers [...]