Maximising yields

  • The plan of what I grew on my London balcony 1 comment

    A few readers have requested a plan of my balcony and window sills - so here it is! Click on the link below and it should open a word document with a plan drawing of the balcony and what is growing. Balcony Plan 2011

  • How much can you grow on a balcony? 4 comments

    Over the summer I found time to analyse last year's harvests from my small balcony and window sills (more details in 2010 growing diary). Below is a table that shows you the weight of each of the main crops. The table also shows you what this equates to in terms of typical supermarket packs. As [...]

  • Maximising space 2: multiple harvests from one pot 5 comments

    There are many rewards to be had from growing food in containers, but getting a worthwhile harvest from a small space can be a challenge. My first attempt at balcony growing resulted in one solitary serving of rocket. Fortunately, it’s possible to get a year-round supply of fresh vegetables and leaves from your pots: the [...]

  • Maximising space no. 1: grow climbers 12 comments

    How to get higher yields from less space: the first post in a new mini series Whilst planning your 2011 container garden you are probably thinking about how to get the most out of your space. One way of doing this is to grow climbing varieties. This is because you'll get a bigger plant in [...]

  • Evidence that self-watering containers are GREAT 10 comments

    While planning the new growing season, I think back to learning from last year, and what might be useful to you if you are growing in containers. My most successful experiment in 2010 was the self-watering containers. The marrow below was grown in one and is included here as (unscientific) evidence in their favour - [...]

  • In love with worms 5 comments

    If you’re growing in containers, you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges is to keep your soil fertile enough to grow vegetables, which are mostly hungry beasts. As the nutrients in most commercial composts are exhausted after six weeks or so, it's vital to regularly add nutrients. The number of different ways to add [...]