Maximising yields

  • How much food can you grow in pots? 8 comments

    To show that it's possible to grow lots of food - even if you don't have a garden - I've been measuring the weight and value of the food grown in containers in our small concrete back yard in Newcastle, UK, from 1 May to 31 October this year. This continues the experiments I did [...]

  • How to create a living soil – and dramatically increase the productivity of your growing 18 comments

        If you want to grow food successfully in containers, nurturing soil life can make a huge difference. Worm compost, for example, is full of microbes and life. Add it to your containers and you will get more vigorous growth, and far fewer pest and disease problems. Discovering this, was the biggest turning point in [...]

  • Maximising Space 3: Fast Growing Crops 10 comments

    Fast growing crops are invaluable in lots of ways. If you're growing for the first time a quick success is rewarding and boosts confidence. If you only have a short time window to grow in -  you might be a student in temporary accommodation, growing in a school, or going away on holiday - you [...]

  • Graph of month by month harvests 0 comments

    If you're growing food in a small space, you may be wondering how much you can harvest at different times of year. Below I've drawn a graph showing the weight of the harvest for each month, from my London balcony and window sills. It starts in May 2010 (when I started weighing)  and ends in November [...]

  • The plan of what I grew on my London balcony 1 comment

    A few readers have requested a plan of my balcony and window sills - so here it is! Click on the link below and it should open a word document with a plan drawing of the balcony and what is growing. Balcony Plan 2011

  • How much can you grow on a balcony? 2 comments

    Over the summer I found time to analyse last year's harvests from my small balcony and window sills (more details in 2010 growing diary). Below is a table that shows you the weight of each of the main crops. The table also shows you what this equates to in terms of typical supermarket packs. As [...]