• How to re-use old compost – ten useful ingredients 21 comments

    Traditional gardening books often tell you to replace the compost or soil in your pots each year. But if you have more than just a few pots, emptying and refilling all your pots will be a time consuming, messy, difficult job. It will also be expensive. And it just seems a waste to throw it away. So a question [...]

  • What you can grow in shady spaces 53 comments

    Lack of sun is one of the most common challenges you can face growing in a city. Surrounding buildings, walls, pylons and trees, can all conspire to cast shade on your growing space for much (or even all) of the day. The amount of sun you get is critical – it determines what crops you [...]

  • Four tricks to ensure your seedlings get enough light 19 comments

    If you've tried starting seeds on a window sill inside, you might have found that they grow thin and weak looking? If so, this is a common issue, particularly in urban areas. Surrounding buildings or trees cast shade, reducing the light. This creates a problem if you're trying to raise seedlings inside as they need [...]

  • Where to buy seeds and UK seed swaps 2013 1 comment

    If you are growing in a small urban space you may be wondering where to get your seeds this season. When I started growing, I had no idea! I headed first to the local garden centre. Confronted by a huge wall of seeds I remember a sense of confusion. Where to start? Which varieties work [...]

  • How to look after and feed your wormery 201 comments

    Wormeries are easy to run once you get the knack - you just need a bit of practise and info to get you on the right track. I must confess to killing two whole colonies (traumatic days!) before I went to the library to get a book on how to do it. Here’s the essential, [...]

  • How do you stop hanging baskets drying out? 12 comments

    If you're looking to fill gaps or take advantage of higher sunny spaces in your growing space, hanging baskets can be a good solution. They can also look great. The big issue with hanging baskets is that they dry out quickly. This is a problem when growing vegetables - as most like plenty of water! [...]