DIY projects

  • How to make a bee home that really works 7 comments

    If you've only got a tiny growing space in the city, is there anything you can do to help bees? The answer is yes! I met up with Kate Bradbury, BBC wildlife expert and author of the The Wildlife Gardener, to find out what you can do for bees in a small urban space like a balcony, a few window [...]

  • How to save tomato seeds 5 comments

    There's nothing quite like sowing a seed that you've saved yourself. Or giving away your own seeds to friends and neighbours. And there are other benefits, too - including saving money, protecting our biodiversity and letting crops flower for pollinators. But is it possible to save seeds when you're only growing with a few containers [...]

  • How to make your own moveable raised bed – step by step 4 comments

    Here's how to make your own moveable raised bed / large container using recycled materials - all for just a few pounds or dollars. Add a lick of paint to the outside and you'll create a stylish container to rival any you can buy! A big advantage of making your own containers is that you [...]

  • How to make your own container with water reservoir 9 comments

    In this post you'll learn how to make a long lasting, high performance container with water reservoir. Water reservoirs make watering easier and dramatically improve yields. You can add reservoirs in various ways. One simple way is to add a reservoir to an existing container. Or with a little more time and effort, you can [...]

  • How to make a genuinely ‘self-watering’ container garden 53 comments

    If you're looking for a highly productive and elegant growing system that is genuinely 'self watering', this system from Canada is brilliant!  I've graded it 'Harder' because you need a few specialist tools and some practical DIY skills. But anyone who's happy to tackle simple carpentry or plumbing jobs at home - and has a [...]

  • How to make your own wormery 62 comments

    A wormery will recycle your waste food to make a superb fertiliser for your crops and a living soil in your containers. Wormeries are perfect for small spaces: they're small, don''t smell and make compost faster than conventional composters. You can either buy one (in the UK many councils offer them at discounted prices) or it [...]