What to grow

  • What you can grow in shady spaces 23 comments

    Lack of sun is one of the most common challenges you can face growing in a city. Surrounding buildings, walls, pylons and trees, can all conspire to cast shade on your growing space for much (or even all) of the day. The amount of sun you get is critical – it determines what crops you [...]

  • Ten great crops to grow in containers 33 comments

    When growing in small spaces, you want a lot from the crops you grow. You want them to give you plenty to eat, to taste amazing, and ideally to look great, too. After experimenting with over fifty different vegetable crops, here are ten I've found to be amongst the very best. (Herbs and fruits to [...]

  • How to grow pea shoots 21 comments

    Pea shoots are great for small spaces - they grow fast, taste delicious and are rich in Vitamin C, A and protein. Easy to grow, they're also perfect to try if you're starting out. Seeing (and eating!) the fruits of your labour in just in two or three weeks is rewarding and motivating. Plus, pea [...]

  • What can you sow in July? 8 comments

    Some of you have been in touch recently to ask 'can you start growing now?' And if so, what can you grow? The answer to the first question is YES. The answer to the second is LOTS. However, you do need to select the right crops. In the UK - and much of the Northern [...]

  • Magic beans! How to grow runners successfully 5 comments

      Runner beans are one of the most productive and pretty crops for small spaces.  Here are some tips for growing them healthily (and beautifully) in containers.  Once the threat of frost has passed (now in the UK), it's time to get your runner beans started! (These tips were first published for The Secret Seed [...]

  • From radish flowers to huge tomatoes: 6 quick container growing tips 2 comments

    If you like information in bite sized chunks, check out  Vertical Veg on Facebook, where I've started daily (well, almost daily!) tips. If you want to receive these in your Facebook news feed, simply come over and 'Like' the page.  If you don't use Facebook, here are the most popular so far: The humble radish produces [...]