• Wellbeing and changing the city with containers 14 comments

    At first glance, growing food in containers at home might seem like just a fun hobby with the bonus of a few freshly grown veg. However, in my experience working with hundreds of other container growers over the last eight years, it can also support change at much deeper levels. It has potential to support real change in [...]

  • Flowers, apples, artichokes and other lessons from 2017 33 comments

    Growing is endlessly fascinating as there’s always more to learn. As winter approaches, it's a good time to reflect on the successes and learning of the season. Here are five (of the many!) things I learnt in 2017. This year, I grew more flowers. In amongst the salads, herbs and fruits, I planted cosmos, verbena, along [...]

  • Mint for life… (the secret of keeping supermarket mint alive) 16 comments

    If you've tried growing a pot of supermarket mint, you might have discovered that it usually looks sad and dies after a few weeks. (At least, that is what happened to my first attempts!). But did you know that there is a super easy way to make supermarket mint grow, flourish and last for years? Find out how [...]

  • Harvesting the bounty 52 comments

    How much can you actually get to eat from containers on two growing ladders that span six feet (2 metres)? This week I'm sharing pictures of some of the harvests from the last two weeks and how we ate them.... I hope to highlight how even a small container garden can contribute something special to your meals every day. [...]

  • The easy way to grow lemon grass in containers 32 comments

    When you start to grow your own food, a nice surprise is that some ‘exotic’ plants turn out to be easier to grow than you might expect. Lemon grass is one.  A few years ago, I thought this only grew in the warmth of Thailand or Vietnam. The good news is that it also grows [...]

  • How much food can you grow in six foot? 28 comments

    How much food can you grow in six by three foot (two by one metres)? After growing £900 of food in a year on my London balcony and £548 in six months in my Newcastle concrete backyard, I'm intrigued to find out. I've built two growing ladders (see picture above), which enable me to have three or four [...]