Vertical Veg inspires and supports food growing in very limited spaces. Almost any small space with a few hours of sun can become a productive oasis.

You will find ideas and tips for container growing in Mark’s blog. How much can you grow? records the harvests from Mark’s balcony and window sills as he experiments to find out if its possible to grow £1,000 of food in a year.

Balcony food growing paradise © Sarah Cuttle / Vertical Veg 2010

Mark also runs container growing workshops and stalls in London, more info here.

Growing food at home in a city has many benefits, as outlined here. And the bigger picture of why urban food growing is important is summarised here.

I’m Mark Ridsdill Smith, the founder – it’s me on the balcony above and behind the stall below.  Frustrated with waiting for an allotment, I began to experiment with food growing on my balcony about four years ago (see pic above). After some less successful attempts, I soon found I was growing more than I imagined possible. Vertical Veg blog was born to share the learning and inspire others.


Demonstrating how to grow bean shoots at the London Green Fair